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Cyclearn enables students from ages 9-99 to develop confidence with technology through an empowering self-guided journey.
Low-cost technologies combined with free Cyclearn content empower anyone to find their feet with appropriate tools, and use them to begin to realise their ideas.

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If you'd like a seminar run near you, or are interested in learning a specific topic. Please contact James.

Communities/spaces near and dear: OzBerry, Robot's and Dinosaurs, Three Farm, RoboDojo.

About the content

Content cards are each uniquely tailored to achieve more than just the specified learning outcomes. They provide:

Content for Cyclearn courses are freely available here.

About the founder

James Zaki has spent most of his life doing what he loves: playing with technology. Starting from age 8 with programmable technic lego and age 10 with the BASIC programming language, he continued exploring these interests at home until taking Mechatronic Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Sydney.

Throughout school and university, James was always tutoring technical subjects that he had completed 1-2 years prior, from high-school science/maths to university programming. He says that this is thanks to his combination of knowledge, empathy, and patience.

In November 2013, with over 10 years of industry experience in a range of technologies and companies, James created Cyclearn to leverage his technological abilities with the desire to empower others through self-guided learning

Cyclearn - Learn, Apply, Teach, Discover

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